Guitar Workshop Quebec 

Line Up

Antoine Dufour

Erik Mongrain

Justin St Pierre





Luthier Baron

What is the Workshop ?

It is an event allow you to meet your favorite fingerstyle artists through musical days.

Over the course of the weekend you will be supervised by the guitarists.

You will be able to interact with them in more intimate way and learn from their personal experiences.

Program : (2 days)

- Guitar Lessons (techniques, riffs, learn some songs...)

- Musical theory Lessons (harmony, tuning, rhythm...)

- Gear Courses (pedalboard, guitar configuration, gear...)

- 2 Lutherie Workshop (setting, customisation...)

"Adjusting the neck and the strings", "The impact of wood on the timbre of a guitar" with the Luthier from Quebec "Maxime Baron".

Note :

The courses are open to all levels and all ages. They will be in French and translated into English if necessary.

You will also have the opportunity to attend the concert evening on the third day bringing together all the artists. "Acoustic Guitar Night" show sponsored by the American label "FretMonkey" and the instrument brand "Ortega Guitars".

Hours :
- Saturday 07/04 : 9.45 am - 4.45 pm
- Sunday 07/05 : 9.45 am. - 4.45 pm
- Monday 07/06 (concert) : 8:00 pm

- 2 workshop days (12 hours) 
- Breakfast & snacks 
- Concert

Not included
Accommodation & meals

For any further questions, you can reach me through the "Contact" section of the website as well as on the facebook page of the event.

Facebook group page is dedicated to the Guitar Camp here : 


The Location

Address :

Centre St Pierre

1212 Rue Panet

Montréal - QC

Price & Reservations

Fingerstyle Workshop
  • 2 days of workshop
  • +
  • 1 Show
  • Concert Place (for people not participating in the workshop).
- 3 months before = 50% refunded
- 2 months before = 30% refunded
- 1 months before = 10% refunded

Please note, only the workshop will be reimbursed, not the tickets for the show
Thanks for your understanding !