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The "International Guitar Workshop" 
(Season 4)

Line Up

Spencer Elliott


Adrian Bellue


Karlijn Langendijk


Michael Kobrin




Guy Butterlin



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Kevuan Guitar Camp 

What is the Guitar Camp ?

The "Guitar Camp" is a unique opportunity to meet your favorite artists through guitar lessons, workshops, masterclass and concerts.
It's a bit like a summer camp, but for guitarists !
You will learn from their knowledge, experiences, share your ideas around shared meals, taking photos, videos and the opportunity to play together.

The Guitar Camp received artists from all over the world, such as Antoine Dufour, Calum Graham, Alexandr Misko, Don Alder, Justin St Pierre, Oscar Mendez, Dmitry Lisenko, Ali Deniz Kardelen, Olivier Roman Garcia, Yaouen ... as well as luthiers craftsmen like Gabin Graff, Xabina Larralde and Guy Butterlin this year.

The Schedule

The Guitar Camp will last 3 full days including :

Activities : Guitar lessons, Masterclass, Conferences, and Concert...

- Courses with : Spencer Elliott, Adrian Bellue, Karlijn Langendijk and Kevuan.

- Masterclass : Michael Kobrin

- Other Activites : Picnic in the forest.

Classes will take place during the day and concerts will take place in the evening.
A program will be given to you when you arrive !

A Facebook group is dedicated to the Guitar Camp here :




5 Dareau street
75014 Paris


The event will take place on the week-end of august 19,20 and 21 inclusive (3 days).

 You have the option of attending 3 or 2 days depending on availability and budget.

How to get there ?

By Flight 

You arrive at "Paris Charles de Gaulle" or "Orly" airport. You have the choice of taking the RER, the Bus, the Taxi or even an Uber (images below).

By Train 

Gare Montparnasse is the closest station located in the same arrondissement as the HF Studio 14ème. From Gare Montparnasse, you can take the metro, especially line 6 "Nation", the journey takes around 8 minutes (image below).

Montparnasse Train Station

Train from CDG (airport)

BUS from ORLY (airport)

 TAXI prices

Guitar Camp 2019 
Souvenirs - Season 1
Antoine Dufour - Calum Graham - Alexandr Misko - Kevuan - Justin St Pierre - Pascal Vigne - Sebastien Moulia - Gabin Graff.

Guitar Camp 2020 
Souvenirs - Season 2
Don Alder - Justin St Pierre - Oscar Mendez - Kevuan - Dmitry Lisenko - Mara Lisenko - Xabina Larralde.

Guitar Camp 2021
Souvenirs - Season 3
Don Alder - Justin St Pierre - Oscar Mendez - Kevuan - Dmitry Lisenko - Mara Lisenko - Xabina Larralde.

Price & Reservations

3 Days
300/ pers
  • Access during the 3 days : Courses, Masterclass, Conferences + Concert.
  • (excluding pension)
  • Free Breakfast + Free snacks included
2 Days
  • Access during the 2 days.
  • (excluding pension)
  • Free Breakfast + Free snacks included
Payable in 2 instalments
150/ pers
  • (You have the option of paying in 2 instalments for the 3-day course. In particular, a first deposit of €150 when booking and the rest the day before the course).

Testimonials - 2019

The 1st edition of the Guitar Camp saw people from all over France but also from England, Sweden and Germany.

 Thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing you again soon !

«A big thank you, a great experience with great musicians !»


«Superb experience, the best guitar internship of my life ! Great atmosphere, teachers listening and level of crazy !!! Thank you !»


«A possibility of having met idols, of sharing the same passion, and all that while feeling at home within a family ! Thank you Kevuan !!»


«A great moment essential for all guitarists ! Thank you Kevuan for the wealth of activities on offer and all that we have learned ! Well done well. »

Jean Yves 

«Thank you for all the organization, I had a great time. Glad to have seen you in real life and listened to play Kevuan !»


«An unforgettable, unique, magical and very inspiring experience. I am going to be filled and conquered by this event. Thank you very much to all the speakers, trainers, it was very instructive for me ! And as far as emotions are concerned, I don't have the words ... Eternal gratitude for you Kevuan !!!»


«A superb initiative that brings together enthusiasts around the great masters. A big thank you Kevuan for your dedication and see you very soon !»


«I had a lot of questions about the Guitar Camp ... I hesitated before registering, but I can say today that I have no regrets ! These 4 days were great, I learned a lot and I found a lot of motivation to continue playing this instrument. Thank you very much to you Kevuan for this enormous investment, for this camp and for all that you have done for us !!»


«First Fingerstyle Guitar Camp in France and I could say later "I was there", thank you Kevuan !»


«It was cool to attend the 1st French Guitar Camp, nice line up !»


«Wonderful days where I could see my faults, with super friendly teachers and kind colleagues. Thanks everyone !»


Testimonials - 2020

 Thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing you again soon !

«Great moments, great meetings !
Interesting internship in the company of nice people. Good vibes.


Pleasant moments, great spirit in the group ...
Lots of information and long evenings of work, Thank you !!!
Well done for the organization and long life at fingerstyle.


«The Kevuânists have struck again ... and this is only the beginning !
A big thank you for your dedication and generosity.
See you next year !


«A great camp ! Lots of energy and good vibes.
Bold advice, great avenues for work. And above all great encounters !


Thank you for these few days of dreams, wonders and beautiful encounters ...
I'm leaving with a thousand songs in mind!
To do again !


«Thank you for this great Guitar Camp. I really enjoyed spending more time with the teachers. Still too short for my taste, but as they say "all good things come to an end". What allows to appreciate the best moments. And I will never forget how my guitar suffered, thank you Don.
Thank you Kev for the whole organization and for all the work you did to make everything perfect.


«Thank you again for the camp, your investment makes me want to play even more. Lots of discussions, good times ... it was cool !! »


«Big thank you for this great Guitar Camp. Well done for having persevered in this year 2020, it was worth it. Teachers at the top! We leave with lots of tracks (songs, techniques) Thank you ! »


2nd sessions for me and always so rewarding. A real pleasure to come back here for all these human and musical sharing. Always hard to get to the last day ... In short, I already miss it! A big thank you Kevuân !!! »


Testimonials - 2021

 Thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing you again soon !

«A great pleasure as usual. While waiting for the next edition, be well Kevuan. Always human encounters that I appreciate, that the kiff ! Thank you.»


«Thank you for being who you are, thank you for the hand reaching out across the space. Thank you also to all the musician friends for these emotional moments which will still bear fruit in a hundred thousand years, I embrace you.»


«Guitar Camp at the top, thank you for this 3rd edition ! Thank you for discovering all its different artists. I had a great time, it's always a pleasure to participate. Guitar Rainy camp, happy guitar camp, right ? Hahaha !! See you next year, I hope.»


«A big thank you for your commitment and the organization of this Guitar Camp ! Nice idea to bring together the tips of the guitar and the curious and curious wishing to enrich their auditory and guitar palette ! Really top all these shares, advice and laughs. I would have liked to draw a guitar, but Mother Nature did not give me this talent ! I'm leaving with lots of memories, knowledge and a guitar :-) Until next time.


«Another great edition, with the meeting of guitar hero and the discovery of new ones ! Thanks again ! »


«Always a great pleasure to participate in Guitar Camp, thank you ! »


«I came with questions, I leave with answers. Integral and available, a top staff ! See you at the next edition and in the meantime, don't let go, Kevuan. Looking forward to hearing from you.»